Mountain Town Jobs

In a Rocky Mountain state like Colorado, there are lots of mountain towns. If you are thinking about moving to this beautiful state and are wondering what the best Colorado mountain town jobs might be, we can help. One of the best ways to get a feel for mountain life is to visit the area you are considering as your new home, and check out the available jobs in that town. Places like Salida and Buena Vista have been growing over the last several years and offer a lot of new opportunities. A lot depends on exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to a job. Are you looking for something part time, or do you want to start or continue a specific career?

If you are looking for a position with growth potential, keep in mind that mountain towns tend to be small, therefore growth opportunities may be somewhat limited when compared to a larger city. This is not to say that career opportunities don’t exist in mountain towns, just that you may want to do your research before deciding on where to call home.

Some career paths to consider include the following:

  • Law enforcement. Always a need in any town or city, law enforcement offers the chance to start small (as a deputy, for instance) and work your way into upper management positions within the department or county.
  • Quality firefighters are always a need for any mountain town, and a great career opportunity as well. With the abundance of trees and brush, mountain towns are always in need of protection from potential fire damage. If this is a career path that interests you, quality firefighters are always in need. There is often many opportunities for volunteer firefighters in rural areas of the state.
  • Emergency Medical Technician. EMTs are another possibility for mountain town jobs. As with police and fire departments, quality medical personnel who are trained to help in emergencies are a welcome resource in any town.
  • If you dream about snow, you love being outdoors and cold doesn’t bother you, a ski resort job might be just the ticket. From ski instructor to seasonal bus drivers, ski resorts offer a host of possibilities for mountain town dwellers. Most resorts have a strong online presence, and you should be able to contact a human resources (hiring) director via email or telephone to learn more about what positions are available, and the qualifications necessary. Many resorts offer employee housing on the resort grounds, which makes commuting easy and convenient. Some resorts offer year-round positions as well, with summer activities available for tourists when the snow disappears for the season.
  • Hotels and restaurants. With the influx of tourists most mountain towns expect, jobs at local hotels and restaurants are another good choice. Whether you have experience or want to start at entry level and advance, both hotels and restaurants offer growth opportunities for the right candidate.
  • Good teachers are always welcome in any small town, and mountain towns are no different. Whether you work in a charter school, private school or public school, there are lots of opportunities to offer your skills and abilities as a teacher in a mountain town. Be sure to check out the specific requirements for teaching licenses and certifications in the state of Colorado, as well as what is required by the local school district (even if you want to start out as a substitute teacher).

Every mountain town will have its own unique set of needs when it comes to employment, with some offering more than others. As mentioned above, it’s always a good idea to research the job and career opportunities in the town you are most interested in, and make a visit or two to the area before packing up and making a permanent move. If you would like some local insight into Colorado mountain town job and real estate possibilities, give us a call today at (719) 539-6682 or drop us an email at