Gifts for a First Time Home Buyer

For the first-time homeowner, housewarming gifts can range from the practical, designed to help them settle in to their new role, or to the decorative, creating ambience and that homey, lived-in feel.

Here are five ideas that span the spectrum and will give your new homeowner a hand setting up their first house and making it feel like home.

Picture Hanging Kit

Once all those prints, pictures, and artwork are unpacked, they need a place to go. Giving your new homeowner a picture hanging kit will save them a trip to the hardware store and help them start decorating their rooms and walls. A kit with a hammer, measuring tape, level, and assorted hangers and picture hanging nails is a nice idea and gives your new homeowner a hand personalizing their space and making it their own.

First Time Home Buyer

House Plants

A house plant or two will bring a little life into a new home. Some hearty, popular, and easy to maintain plant choices include the spider plant, peace lily, snake plant, philodendron, and rubber tree. A plant holder, hook, and ribbon are great ways to round out this green gift.


Personalized “Established” Framed Print

To commemorate their first home purchase, a framed print with their family name and the date they purchased their home is a great gift. To make it even more unique, a professional photo or painting of the home as the background for the print will be a memorable gift they’ll cherish for years to come.


Garden and lawn tools

It’s unlikely your new homeowner will have a snow shovel, rake, or hand tools needed to plant flowers around their new yard. A few select garden and lawn tools will set them up and prepare them to maintain and beautify their home in the years to come.

Gift Certificates

No matter what you think of, they’ll always be that “other” item they need. Extra batteries, smoke detectors, and spare keys are just some items new homeowners might find themselves without as they settle in. A gift certificate to your local home and garden or hardware store will help them save a little when those often-needed items come to light.